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Erinn is best girl lol

this is my site. i'm kind of bad at anything coding related but i try ok. (˵Φ ω Φ˵) if you want to contact me for any reason (pls i need friends) you can email me at galactic.ravi0lii@gmail.com, dm me on instagram @galactic_ravi0li, or just dm me on discord @galacticravi0li#9380 ! discord is preferred, but yea, just lmk if you ever need anyone to tell your mortal weaknesses to!

also, how do i change fonts pls help me i have no clue what i'm doing

stuff about me (not that anyone was asking): heyo, i'm galacticravi0li! my pronouns are (he/him), and i made this site just to kind of have a site?? i mean, i don't really know why i did this so it's here ig. i might add a section for my reviews of games later. anyways, i'm a big fan of lupin iii (who is the best character and why is it goemon), and i also really like tf2! i'm medic main because i'm bad at everything else (not that i'm particularly good at medic), and i usually use blutsager/xbow, kritz, and amputator. if you wanna play some MvM w/ me, dm me on discord! anyways, if you read it to the end, i am touched by your ability to put up with me rambling about myself. pleasebemyfriendineedmorefriends

game reviews (currently empty, formerly the art page but i'm making a better site for that w/ comm info and stuff too woohoo yippee)

site last updated: 9/12/2021